Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A389 Recordings have officially revealed the details behind their special Eighth Anniversary Release: A limited edition professionally recorded live collaboration LP by Baltimore's PULLING TEETH, and Canadian Heavy Metal God THOR.

Dubbed as THOR'S TEETH this live LP takes you through 11 THOR classics redone by PT at 2010's A389 Anniversary concert in Baltimore. Professionally recorded/mixed by Kevin Bernsten/Developing Nations, that magical night of January 08, 2010 can now be relived at any time.

That is...IF you are one of the lucky 100 people who picked up the LP at last weekend's A389 Anniversary Bash.

However, you may be in luck as A389 has set aside an additional 100 copies which will be made available this Friday 01/27 for mailorder only. A digital release is set to follow shortly via Vulcan Sky/Smog Veil Records.

This performance is one for the history books. Check out THOR'S TEETH ripping through the THOR classic 'Thunder On The Tundra' below

Go listen:

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nazi Dust - Wretched Hour

I've been looking forward to this release for some time. For those who don't know, Nazi Dust are from Tampa, Florida and play hardcore punk influenced by the original Boston greats like SSD, Siege, etc. While I enjoyed their previous demo and self titled 7" release on Youth Attack Records, this single sided 12" is a HUGE step up in song writing. With this release the band drops the spastic song structures, and focuses more on well rounded jams. Seriously, each song is a banger, with "Suffering" being one of the best hardcore punk songs released last year. If you're a fan of raw, blasting, distortion heavy hardcore punk don't pass this one up. This will definitely be on my year end list, and we're not even through the first month of the new year!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review:Junior Bruce-The Headless King


After listening to this record nonstop for the last 3 days, I couldn't be more stoked that Junior Bruce is from Florida, my own swamp ridden backyard. Featuring the former vocalist of now practically legendary hardcore/metal group Bloodlet, Junior Bruce have released an incredible debut LP featuring 10 tracks of scathing stoner metal thats both ridiculously heavy and undeniably catchy. There is literally NO filler to be found on this record, every single note is there for a reason and that is a lesson many bands playing this style today could learn today. Too many times bands playing this style today are relying on noise/ambiance and theatrics to simply fill up space inbetween the actual songs on their LP. All the more reason it is so refreshing to see a band say no bullshit and get straight to the point:heavy excellent riffs. The vocals fall into much different territory in comparison to Scott's days in Bloodlet, falling somewhere between older Mastodon and more classic forefathers such as Black Sabbath. It's a perfect fit for the band and in my opinion his best vocals so far. This LP will stay in constant rotation for me in the months to come, and while the year has obviously just started I have a feeling I'll still be talking about this record at the end of it. For any fans of metal in general, this is something you are going to want to check out immediately.

Stream A Track From "The Headless King" Via A389 Records
Purchase The Record From The A389 Records

Thursday, January 5, 2012

JUNIOR BRUCE TO RELEASE DEBUT LP 'The Headless King' on A389 Recordings

Florida's JUNIOR BRUCE have finalized the details surrounding the release of their debut 12" titled 'The Headless King', which is set to be released on January 31, 2012 via A389 Recordings

Fronted by vocalist Scott Angelacos of Bloodlet fame, JUNIOR BRUCE‘s debut album continues along the sludgy path paved by their predecessors. With no intention of rehashing their musical past, JUNIOR BRUCE take a sharp turn into territory riddled with straightforward grooves, huge stoner riffs and gruff,
yet melodic vocals.

Angelacos recently completed an interview conducted by old friend Jeff Beckman (Pick Your Side/Haymaker/Chokehold) that was included as part of CVLT NATION’s Artist To Artist series.

JUNIOR BRUCE will also be making a trip up north in a few short weeks to perform at the A389 RECORDINGS VIII ANNIVERSARY BASH alongside Eyehategod, and Integrity to name a few. The band will have earlybird copies of their LP available at this performance. Be sure to not to miss them!!!

01/11 Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub
01/20 Charleston, SC @ Jimbo’s Rock Lounge (w/Antiseen)

Check out the brand new JUNIOR BRUCE track ‘Deceiver’ from
‘The Headless King’ LP/Digital coming 01/31/2012 on A389 Recordings

Check out a live video JUNIOR BRUCE performing the title track
from 'The Headless King' here: