Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review:Gehenna-Land Of Sodom 7 Inch

Newly released at A389 Records comes this repress of a 7 inch featuring 4 songs from Gehenna, a metallic hardcore band well known for their vicious live shows. The first 3 songs on this record are total rippers, showing a huge black metal/trash influence, especially in the vocals. I can't say I know what the original recordings sound like but I have to say, it's awesome to hear something with such raw production still sound so loud and clear. The last song slows down to stoner/doom metal pace and the vocals are replaced with heavily distorted voices, bringing the record to an impressive and fitting end.It's also worth noting that the cd version of this contains their previously only available on vinyl "Upon The Gravehill" release as well. While I can't say I was too familiar with this band's music beforehand, I will most definitely be checking out their other releases and watching for more in the future based on this ripper.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review:Penetration Panthers-Perpetual 80's


First of all, this band has one of the more awesome names that I have come across in quite some time. That being said, the music is also extremely rad. Featuring members of Gehenna and Gravehill, Penetration Panthers rip through 3 tracks of raging 80's hardcore that comes off to me sounding like a cross between My War era Black Flag, Black Sabbath and Flipper with a healthy layer of grime thrown in for good measure. They also manage to write some amazingly catchy jams despite the raw production. This is a great introduction to the band and I am extremely excited for the band's upcoming LP. It just goes to show you that sometimes no frills and straight to the point is the best way to go. Anyone looking for a newer band heavily influenced by the days of old should check this out now. Kudos to A389 Records for another awesome release. Perpetual 80's indeed.

Favorite Track:Wasted Mind
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Monday, July 18, 2011

HATEWAVES (Pulling Teeth/Triac) return with THE TOMBS EP

Given the incestuous nature of it's extreme music scene, Baltimore, MD is no stranger to supergroups and weird dudes. A supergroup about a weird dude was inevitable. Featuring members of Baltimore noteables Pulling Teeth, Triac and Stout, Hatewaves is the musical extension of local celebrity/tattoo artist/PT drummer Alex 'TheXBeast' Henderson's outlandish views on life and the world we live in. Although not an actual member of the band per se, he serves as the band's muse serving up verbal diatribes which act as direct inspiration for such tracks as 'Poser Politics', 'Death And Air' and the latest track 'No Friends' which poses the question: 'What's the point of having friends? They either move away or die'.

The band released their debut 7" 'Taste The Beast' via A389 Recordings last year to a disturbingly enthusiastic response and played shows sporadically whenever schedules would permit. All of which were over in the blink of an eye.
Having just completed their second EP, 'The Tombs' will be released as a 5" by A389 Recordings in America and overseas via the legendary grindcore label RSR. (If you don't know what it stands for, you're probably better off not knowing). With live appearances few and far between, the band will be joining Pulling Teeth for an exclusive record release performance on this year's This Is Hardcore Festival in Philadelphia, PA TIH promoter Joseph McKay was quoted "It was shocking to find out first hand just how hungry people are for Hatewaves. When we announced them playing This Is Hardcore, we had an amazing rush for tickets. I'm still answering nasty emails from people who couldn't get tickets for Hatewaves. Due to the anticipation of their TIH set, I've brought in a few ex marines to help backup our regular security team. I'm psyched although a little worried for what will come of their set this August.

Hatewaves 'The Tombs' will be available mid August via A389 Recordings and RSR (Europe) as well as digitally via Itunes. Early copies will be available at the band's performance at This Is Hardcore Fest on August 13th, 2011 @ The Starlight Ballroom (Philadelphia, PA) before it is anywhere else.

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Taste the beast.

(Photo by Baron Kirkpatrick).

LOW PLACES set to release 'Spiritual Treatment' via A389 Recordiings

Low Places from Los Angeles, CA will be releasing a new 12" release titled 'Spiritual Treatment' via Baltmore's A389 Recordings. A vicious continuation of their previous hard to find 7" (released on Recession Records), 'Spiritual Treatment' will feature five new tracks of fast power violence/grind influenced hardcore on side A, while the B-side will contain the band's original 'Violent Hunger' cassette tracks hidden in the unmarked grooves.

The album artwork has been a source of controversy as printers all over the country have refused to print the original artwork: a collage by Polish artist Syzmon containing various depictions of humanity at it's lowest. A few alterations have been made to the artwork to ensure that the record will actually be pressed and see the light of day.
Low Places' 'Spiritual Treatment' LP will be available mid August via A389 Recordings as well as digitally via Itunes. A limited edition cassette version will also be available via Work In Shadows.

Listen to the Low Places track 'Controlled Chaos' from the upcoming EP 'Spiritual Treatment' by visiting the streaming

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Tourdates are as follows;
07/20 Simi Valley, CA @ Infusion
07/21 Whittier, CA @ Danza Studio
07/22 Santa Barbara, CA @ SOUND AND FURY FESTIVAL
07/30 San Juan Capistrano, CA @ El Coyoyito,
08/14 Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: Crucified- Dead of Sleep

If you live in California then you probably already know of the amazing tunes that the guys in Crucified produce, if you’re not from the area and have been sleeping on the band then shame on you. After putting out what I think was one of the albums of the year last year, the band has returned with a new 7” consisting of 4 of the bands best material, both lyrically and musically. Still continuing with the “Birth Is Pain” era Ringworm and “God Hates Us All” era Slayer sound, Dead of Sleep starts off abruptly with the title track and sets the tone of the next songs with the usual theme of night terrors, delusion, paranoia and self loathing. Each song then seems to play off the last one until it ends with “Apathy” which is the opposite of how these songs make me feel, since they are packed with everything that someone into hardcore, crossover, thrash or even metal can enjoy. Crucified is one band that just keeps evolving on each release, making songs that are relentless and yet seemingly continue to keep up the same ideas that they have set in previous releases lyrically. Nick R. and the guys have really outdone themselves this time and I would recommend picking this up when you can and if you live in California, go out and see them with Incendiary and Sleep Walkers next week.

Rating 5/5
Favorite Song: Unworthy

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Now Streaming: Rude Awakening-Demo 2011

Location: Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts
Label: Arrest Records

Best Demo of 2011.