Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stephen McCall (Creatures) Interview

Hey dude, how have you been?
I have been okay. Just working too much. 

First off, can you introduce yourself to the people who may not be familiar with who you are?
Stephen P. McCall 

What band(s) are you currently involved with?

Could you give us a little description on the sound of Creatures?
I'm uncertain as to how I should answer, but we draw influence from Slayer, Integrity, Unleashed, Ringworm, In Cold Blood and many others. 

How did the band start up?
It depends how you look at it. There have been several stages/chapters of Creatures. I don't think Creatures was really born until Kyle began to play guitar for us, when the split with Downpresser was written. However, I don't think Creatures grew into a cohesive unit until we wrote and recorded Salvation.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dan Weinraub (Downpresser/Minus) Interview

Hey dude, how’s it going?
I'm good man, real good.

So I saw you just got back from doing a Euro tour with your band Downpresser, how did that go?
It was incredible. Above and beyond what we could have expected. The dudes from Cornered are awesome and it was a pleasure playing with them every night. Almost every night kids were pitting and singing along. It was an amazing experience.

What was your favorite gig of the tour?
Vienna, probably. Leeds was awesome too. Some of the Germany shows were wild too.

Since Downpresser is now doing more shows is that a sign that new material is in the works?
Haha, well that's a complicated question. We've been working on new material for a while, but it's difficult as most of us are up in Santa Barbara/Ventura counties, and our drummer is down in Orange County. Practicing is complicated. But we are aiming to record our LP by April at the latest.

If so, is there any idea on what label will be releasing it or is that still completely up in the air?
We'll have to wait and see.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marty Williams (Agitator/Burdens) Interview

Can you introduce yourself to people who may not know who Marty Williams is?
I'm 21 years old. I'm straight edge. Not once have I ever drank, smoked, or done drugs cause all that is bullshit. I live with the man who was born to mosh, Keith Gallagher. I major in civil engineering at Drexel University in Philly. I used to have a dog named Max and a cats named Marmalade, Renfield, Mikey, Bud, Cheetah, and Omar. I enjoy candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach.

What bands are you currently involved with?
I sing in Agitator and play bass in Burdens.

Agitator recently signed to Six Feet Under Records, what are your plans with them (record/touring wise)?
We're writing songs for a 7" right now. We have one completely done and the guitar parts for the others, we just need to put it all together. We're doing a weekend to Canada with Wrong Answer in February. Besides that we don't have any real plans. We can't do an extended tour because of school and work, so we're trying to do as many weekends as we can.

You guys just finished up a tour with the band Wrong Answer, how was that?
The tour was awesome. Out of 14 shows only two weren't that good which I think is really good especially since it's our first tour. It was awesome to go far from home and have people excited to see us and actually know the songs.

What was the most memorable show out of the tour?
The show in Monterrey, Mexico was definitely the most memorable. Taking a bus into a country that doesn't share your language is pretty wild. We got taken off the bus at a military checkpoint because we didn't have the right permission papers to be in the country. Nobody spoke Spanish but eventually we were able to figure out that we had to find a way back to the border. We walked to the other side of the checkpoint up to a sandbag bunker with guys holding mounted machine guns and grenade launchers. From there we bribed a bus driver with $4 to take us back to the border. We got the papers we needed then got on another bus back towards Monterrey. After that there were no problems and Mito picked us up at the bus station and fed us. The show was awkward cause nobody knew Wrong Answer or Agitator and most people couldn't understand what we were saying but the experience of playing in Mexico was definitely worth the trip. We were able to break even on the bus tickets by selling shirts and records. It was weird to charge 120 pesos for a shirt.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rainfest- First Announcement

The 5th annual RAIN FEST will take place May 27, 28, and 29 at NEUMOS in Seattle, Wa.



Thursday, January 13, 2011

Joshua Kelting (Expire) Interview

Hey dude, how has it been going?
Going well, just weathering the snow here in Milwaukee.

Can you introduce yourselves just a bit for our readers?
My name's Josh Kelting and I sing for Expire.

Could you give us a little description on Expire?
Expire is a hardcore band drawing influences mostly from NYHC bands but with a lot of other stuff thrown in. It's got a groove that you can definitely bang your head to.

Before Expire you were the front man for the band Barriers Now Bridges, how would you describe your time with that band?
That band was a coming of age thing for me. I learned a lot about about what it meant to play hardcore music and to be a part of something so unique. I also discovered the joys of touring with that band. It's nice to find little remnants all over the US from tours we did and to still have some of the friends I made back then.

How long after your move to the Midwest did you decided you wanted to start another band?
I always wanted to start another band, the opportunity just never arose. It was a little over 2 years since BNB when I came to Milwaukee. About 6 months after that I tried out for Expire.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wayne Kong (Grave Maker) Interview

First off, introduce yourself to the people of the world:
What's up fucked up earth, my name’s Wayne Kong and I play drums for a band called Grave Maker.

Can you give our readers a description of your band?
Grave Maker is a hardcore band from the North West.

What is the extent of the Grave Maker discography at this point?
So far, we have put out a demo 7 inch, an EP & 2 LPs

Besides GM what other bands have you been involved with?
I play in a street punkish hardcore band called Poverty Bay Saints. I'm also currently working on an alternative country/Americana rock & roll project with some friends, and a new straight edge band with Chris Williams (Champion) and done other NW straight edge heads.

Have any of your other projects been “big” per say?
Nope, but you never know what will happen with new endeavors.

Grave Maker recently released an LP on Victory Records, how did that whole thing come to the table?
We worked our asses off trying to make the best hardcore record we could and we made something we are all very proud of and we shopped it around a lot and Victory took a huge interest in it, considering their roster of older hardcore bands, it was tight to be able to be seen in the same light by the people that put out those milestone hardcore records.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Interview with Drew & Brian (FocusedxMinds)

WOE: First off, introduce yourselves:
Drew, I play guitar. Riff wizard.
Brian. I play bass. Party.

WOE: Can you give us a brief description of FxM?
Drew: Straight Edge. No, but seriously, we formed in August. Each of us had wanted to do a straight edge band for as long as we can remember. Our vocalist John and I got some ideas together, basically asked Brian to learn bass, and got our dude Chris to slay the skins. We kicked out some jams and it all felt right, been jammin ever since. Put out our demo ourselves, tryin to push it as far as we can go now.

WOE: Brian, I’ve heard that you are really 15 years old. Can you shed some light on this rumor?
Brian : i mean i definetly look 15 eventhough im the oldest in the band. Its all good though, the ladies dig my boy-ish figure and face..only part is when i try to see rated R movies, i have to have my ID handy.

WOE: Now that the rumor has been taken care of, can you guys tell us about butt stuff?
Drew: Quite simply, BUTT STUFF is the joy, fascination, and love of all things BUTT. It is pretty much the best.
Brian: Its like a warm summer breeze off the coast of the bahamas, when a lady friend finally gives you the permission, its GAME ON.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Max Davis (Doubledealer) Interview

First off, can you introduce yourself to people who may not be familiar with you:

I'm Max, the vocalist for Doubledealer. I also play the violin, speak 14 languages, and have an honorary doctorate from the University of Phoenix Online.

Only some of that is true.

Can you give people a brief description of your band?

We're a heavy hardcore band, from the great state of Delaware. We play a pretty hatebreed/NYHC influenced brand of hardcore. There's five of us: Rich (guitar), Damian (guitar/internet phenomenon), Josh (bassist), Tarik (drums), and myself.

Aside from Doubledealer were you involved with any other bands?

We've all played in or continue to play in various local bands.

If so, did any get any national recognition like Doubledealer has?

I was under the impression there were about 15 of you that had heard of us outside the tri-state area. I'm glad to know that word is getting out. Some of us have done some touring, but nothing that has gotten us the attention that Doubledealer has.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dave Bland (Full Of Hell) Interview

Interview done by: Geoff

WOE: Howdy buddy. Introduce yourself and what you do for the band you're in

Dave: I’m Dave. I play drums in Full of Hell.

WOE: Okay. Set the record straight... Exactly HOW OLD ARE YOU? I've heard 11, 13, 15... all sorts of shit. Hit us with the truth.

Dave: Haha ok. I'm 17. I did the first tour with the band as a fill in when I was 15. From then on I just taught everyone the songs. I joined officially in the summer to do the full U.S. tour.

WOE: So you started playing in the band when you were 15? How do you think the band has developed/changed since then?

Dave: I think the band has developed so much since then. After doing six U.S. tours and releasing the 7-inch through GTR Records. Now we are releasing the split with Goldust and touring Europe. A lot has happened since that first East coast tour.

WOE: Musically I remember the band having the whole Crowbar/Entombed sound during the first EP. Did the addition of Dylan to the band drive the more "chaotic" sound you have now? Or is it something you saw happening anyway?

Dave: Yes the first EP was very crowbar and entombed sound. We even used to cover crowbar. Even a little before Dustin quit the sound was becoming more chaotic and grindy. But with the addition of Dylan he added that one more step to making it a lot more chaotic (Especially with his voice). So yes Dylan did bring the more chaotic sound to the band.

WOE: Geographically, the band is spread out between 2 states. It's hard to believe that it doesn't stop you from writing/touring/ being an all-around prolific band. How do you guys make it work?

Dave: Me and the guitarist Spencer live ten minutes away from each other. We practice at least three times a week. We demo songs and send them to Dylan and Skylar. Dylan and skylar come down every two weeks to a month and we practice for a few days. So we all make it work.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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