Sunday, December 11, 2011

REVIEW: Anne "Dream Punx" LP

Finally had a chance this week to sit down and really digest this album top to bottom. Its a rarity these days that you receive an album to review that has been under much exposure and prove it's self worthy.

Anne comes from the level-planed, cheaply rented city of Portland (home of the other White meat). There is no doubt in my mind that the gentlemen that consist of this outfit know their roots in this particular niche of music. "Dreamy" is the name of the game and they have delivered a firm hand. Ambient in all the right places, yet retaining a "Dark Wave" feel throughout the whole album. Bands that come to mind while listening are early Slowdive and LSD And The Search For God and The Softkill (which is another awesome band from Portland to check out!). It may not sound similar to those mentioned but I do sense the same objectiveness from Anne. One of the more noticeable tracks on this album for me is "Virginal Plight", It keeps a more up-tempo swing and steady rhythm unlike their more driven down, "gothier" tracks. Anne definitely has the chops to deal both sounds but I feel the more steady-driven tracks are their strengths on this album. Overall this is a well-balanced full length. Dark Wave, Goth, Shoegaze, it's an "all spice" of an album.

This album was released via A389 Recordings. Which is a bold step for this label seeing they predominantly roster up Hardcore/Metal groups. I hope to see more of this out of A389, Dom seems to have a good ear for this sound.

In short, dope.


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