Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hungry Lungs- S/T 7"

13 pounding hits and then the chaos ensues. Koerperjuenger is the perfect song to kick off a flawless 7". When Cory (Halo of Flies) released that he was co-releasing this 7" I was ecstatic because prior to this 7" all their releases have been European only, or at least as far as I can tell. What I had heard prior to this 7" impressed me but the 7" is something else. 3 tracks of brutal and raging german crust in the vein of His Hero Is Gone, Perth Express and Alpinist, this release will kick you in the ass, and leave you no time to recover. What I like best about the release is how dynamic the writing is. You can just tell each song was meticulously written, every transition, every riff, every finish perfected. This is the 7" that you will immediately spin the second the feedback of Philister fades. The first sitting with it I had it on repeat, about 10 plays before I felt satisfied. I don't know what is in the water in Germany, but I can't think of any other country that produces as many quality bands. What all German hardcore bands seem to have in common, and Hungry Lungs is no different, is outstanding drumming. The absolute intensity of the hits can be heard even through the recording. In honor of keeping it short, something this record does brilliantly, I will end it by saying that this is by far the best 7" to come out this year.

For fans of Alpinist, Perth Express, His Hero is Gone, Glasses and Gun Mob. Do Not Sleep On This Record.

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