Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review:Heartless-Hell Is Other People


Heartless are a hardcore band from Pittsburgh, PA playing an extremely volatile style of hardcore with some serious crust/sludge overtones. After an excellent self titled 7 inch released last year they return with their full length "Hell Is Other People" and this record is an absolute monster. The 13 songs on this record mostly blaze through an unrelenting hardcore/grind assault, but the band really excels when they slow things down to a crawl, resulting in some of the heaviest and most pit worthy breakdowns heard this year. Southern Lord has been releasing many excellent metallic hardcore releases as of late, and this album is no exception. Fans of dark and heavy hardcore owe it to themselves to check this record out, and you would also do well to check them out on tour currently with the equally excellent Full Of Hell. Highly recommended.

Stream "Hell Is Other People" at CVLT Nation
Purchase "Hell Is Other People" from Southern Lord Records

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