Friday, October 14, 2011

Review: Great Reversals "To The Ends Of The Earth" Demo

So in running a small indie label I tend to get some press kits in the mail from time to time, and the majority of them are not what I am looking for as far as releasing music goes. Or maybe I do but the plans for the upcoming year permit me to venture on new projects. But in that doesn't necessarily mean that these demos are deemed "un-worthy". And I figured instead of listening to them and storing them away in my "Demos" box, I will share the info on these new and upcoming groups!

Great Reversals is a band from Michigan. In this well packaged demo CD they deliver four tracks of well structured melodic hardcore. Powerful and yet passionate delivery from the vocal section. Which reminds me of early Bane. The actual music department excels with much more ingenuity of later Have Heart and other in that realm. The lyrics display very sensitive, real life subjects such as raising a child with Autism. Which is something I can't even imagine dealing with. Judging by the quality of the recording this seems to be their most recent material. The band its self has been around for roughly two years and have been playing shows consistently. So far they have released an initial demo and self released a split 7" EP with They Come In Waves. This demo however is one of the better ones I have received all year. Aesthetically the packaging is awesome. Its a zine-style setup with a die-cut window on the cover where it displays the band's name over a reflective backdrop (as you can see in the picture). Overall this demo is a very promising one, and if I had the budget I probably would pick this band up. Check out Great Reversals, and recognize genuineness.

Great Reversals site:
Great Reversals Bandcamp:

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