Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review: Triac- Always Meant To hurt You

Aggressively fast would be an understatement to describe “Always Meant To Hurt You” by Triac, which contains four of the most heavy and ear assaulting songs that I have heard in a while, with a vocal range that measure up to J. Bannon of converge fame and also fitting in between Magrudergrind, Hatred Surge and other bands of that sort. Each song brings in something new, yet as a whole within 4 songs Triac have managed to record what insanity and chaos sound like through the blistering drums and the raw guitar tones. Though only being 4 songs, “Always Meant To Hurt You” does not disappoint and has enough going on within the short time to make it feel as though you’ve listened to a full album. Support A389.

Rating: 5/5 (love the drumming on this album and how the vocals were executed)
Favorite song: Grab Everything That Kills (the ending of the song is insane)
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Review: Hatewaves- The Tombs

“The Tombs” is the latest release from the jokesters that call themselves Hatewaves, continuing in the tradition of their very brief but straight to the point fast paced hardcore, with tongue in cheek yet brutally honest lyrics. This band can do no wrong in my eyes whether writing songs about Facebook or Cops, the music has the listener laughing while raging. While being 7 songs, the runtime is about 3-4 minutes and yet it is one of the most memorable things I’ve heard in a while. Taste the beast, support A389.

Rating: 5/5 (Tight musicianship coming from the masterminds in Pulling Teeth and Triac)
Favorite Song: All of it
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A389 Recordings announces complete lineup for 8th Anniversary Bash!!!

Year after year fans have travelled to Baltimore MD from all over the world to catch the legendary INTEGRITY make their annual appearance alongside rare/exclusive performances by Haymaker, Rot In Hell, Gehenna, and heavy metal God THOR to name a few.

Taking place once again at the Sonar Compound (in Baltimore, MD) this year's concert will be the first to utilize both the main and clubroom stages while offering a third room as a chill out lounge. Fear not, there will be no overlapping sets, thanks to a tight production team you will be able to catch every band.


Main Stage
EYEHATEGOD (Only area appearance)
INTEGRITY (Only area appearance)
GEHENNA (Only area appearance)
STARKWEATHER (Only Area Appearance)
SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP (Only Area Appearance)
JUNIOR BRUCE (Ex members of Bloodlet, first area appearance)

Side Stage
WEEKEND NACHOS (Only area appearance)
PICK YOUR SIDE (Ex-members of Haymaker/Fuck The Facts, first area apperance)
LOW PLACES (California)
TRIAC (Baltimore)
HATEWAVES (Baltimore)
EDDIE BROCK (Baltimore)

Tickets are available at:

Can't wait? Be sure to check out the streaming preview of all the bands playing and more by visiting

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review:Witch-Lord-Atomized In The Black Solarian


Here we have another project featuring members (or a member moreover) from the infamous Gehenna. But while Penetration Panthers leaned more towards the punk side of the spectrum, Witch-Lord is 4 tracks of raw, crushing stoner/doom metal. I must applaud the band for the effectively raw recording of the record as well as the fact that there is no filler to be found in these songs, something I feel many bands of this genre rely on to an unfortunate degree. It didn't take many listens for these ridiculously heavy riffs to get stuck in my head. The vocals and drums are solid but the simple yet catchy guitarwork is the true star of the show here. Fans of genre standards such as Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey and Sleep should take note as this record will no doubt have you reaching for your bong, provided you can stop headbanging long enough to use it.

Favorite Song:Bones Are Left
Stream "Blood For Kali" on the a389 media player
Purchase from the a389 webstore

Monday, August 22, 2011

Review: Always Try- Demo 2011

Always Try is a new Youth Crew band hailing from Southern California whose sound ranges from early Lockin Out bands to bands like Turning Point, Bold and Youth of Today. Having recently released their demo which is being put on tape by Learn To Trust records, this band has a lot of potential within the 5 songs clocking in under 8 minutes of play time. The lyrics are reminiscent of most youth crew bands but the sound is a bit different since it seems to be a more aggressive approach at the style. If anyone is a fan of FocusedxMinds, Stop & Think and Step Forward then this band will probably be for you. Also it’s been a while since Southern Cali had a Youth Crew band come out from here (Minority Unit aside).

Rating: 4/5 (has a lot of potential, will deffinitely be looking out for the next release)
Favorite Songs: End Today, Undoubtedly
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: Jungle Juice- Bastard Sessions EP

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I’ve been into Jungle Juice since the release of “Jungle Jamz” and have known the guys in the band for a bit so when they asked me to review their newest work, cleverly titled as the “Bastard Sessions EP”. The new EP shows off the band maturing from a fast paced hardcore sound to now brandishing riff laden songs in vein of Eyehategod, Weed, and Buzzo-ven while keeping much of the angry tendencies that make the band one to look out for. Each song builds off of the last getting heavier and heavier until reaching “Salvation” which is the climax of the EP in my eyes and features a guest spot by CT of Rwake . If you were a fan of the bands previous releases you will definitely be into this but if not, I recommend the “Bastard Sessions Ep” for anyone that’s into what A389 has been putting out lately and mainly for those who are into Left For Dead, and “Martyr Immortal” era Pulling Teeth.

Rating: 4/5
Favorite Songs: Bastard and Salvation
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