Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review:Gehenna-Land Of Sodom 7 Inch

Newly released at A389 Records comes this repress of a 7 inch featuring 4 songs from Gehenna, a metallic hardcore band well known for their vicious live shows. The first 3 songs on this record are total rippers, showing a huge black metal/trash influence, especially in the vocals. I can't say I know what the original recordings sound like but I have to say, it's awesome to hear something with such raw production still sound so loud and clear. The last song slows down to stoner/doom metal pace and the vocals are replaced with heavily distorted voices, bringing the record to an impressive and fitting end.It's also worth noting that the cd version of this contains their previously only available on vinyl "Upon The Gravehill" release as well. While I can't say I was too familiar with this band's music beforehand, I will most definitely be checking out their other releases and watching for more in the future based on this ripper.

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