Friday, June 10, 2011

Review: Weekend Nachos - Worthless

There’s a certain amount of respect that should be given to a band that embraces the way things are, and releases their own album for free download. I’m not talking about a demo or an out of print EP, but a full length LP. And to top that off, it was released for download BEFORE you could even purchase it. This is just another reason I love Weekend Nachos. Now onto the actual music.
Holy shit. That’s my initial response in listening to this record. After some feedback (in true Weekend Nachos fashion) the album kicks into high gear with Hometown Hero. The best way to describe this record is a mix of their old, faster stuff (Punish and Destroy) and their newer, heavier sound(Unforgivable.) The end result is a perfect combination that should appease fans of both eras of the band. These songs have some of the fastest parts, and some of the heaviest parts the band has ever written. Sometimes even in the same song.
If you had the chance to check out the Black Earth EP a few months back, two of those same songs make it onto this LP. If you were into those songs (as you damn well should have been) then you’ll eat up this LP. If you weren’t into those songs, I’m going to assume you don’t like good music.
This record will definitely make my top 10 list for 2011. Check it out NOW.
Pick up a copy of the LP HERE

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