Monday, May 9, 2011

Pick Your Side - Survival Prayer

Pick Your Side is the newest project from Jeff Beckman of ex (current?) Haymaker and Left For Dead fame, and Johnny Ibay (Fuck The Facts.) Well, let me first state that I’m not 100% sure whether Haymaker is active or not. I know they started playing shows again a few months ago – I saw them at the A389 Records anniversary show in Baltimore with Integrity. But I have no idea whether they are still playing shows now or not.

Anyway, back to Pick Your Side. This band picks up right where Haymaker left off. While I’m not overly familiar with Haymaker’s discography, I’ve listened to them enough to know their sound; fast, pissed, thrashy hardcore, and that’s exactly what this is. This 7” blazes through 10 tracks in less than 11 minutes, with music and lyrics (politically and religion based) akin to Beckman’s former bands.

There are two major things I don’t like about these songs/this recording. Firstly, I’m not big on the vocals. While it still sounds like Jeff Beckman, the vocals sound so lo-fi it’s hard to tell if he’s saying actual words half the time or just groaning. Secondly, these songs are very forgettable. I can’t find one memorable riff, vocal pattern, chorus, etc. on this record.

While not bad by any means, I just find these songs a little too repetitive and uninspired to warrant repeated listens. Don’t take my word for it though, head over to listen to a song from the record and maybe you’ll think differently. Oh yeah, and there is a cool Crucifucks cover at the end of this one too.

Rating: 2/5

Pick it up here

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