Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review:Trap Them-Darker Handcraft

I've always been on the fence regarding Trap Them. I was a big fan of their first LP Sleepwell Deconstructor, but the recording unfortunately suffered from sounding somewhat muffled. Their next EP showed quite a bit of promise, but the LP that followed it, Seizures In Barren Praise, was somewhat unmemorable and didn't really stick with me. Darker Handcraft changes all that for me. The production on this record is an enormous step up from their previous output, although it is ironically helmed once again by Kurt Ballou, who has also worked with the band on all of their previous releases. Regardless, the extra time has most certainly paid off, as Trap Them grind/d-beat by way of hardcore stomp sounds more full and menacing then it ever has. The band also slows the tempo down quite a bit more on this release and shows that the band can truely excel at midpaced/slower tempo songs, like the crushing "Evictionaries" or the somewhat melodic (for trap them at least) "Drag The Wounds Eternal" .This is the record Trap Them were always meant to put out, potential fully realized. Highly Recommended.

Favorite Tracks:Slumcult & Gather, Evictionaries, Drag The Wounds Eternal

Stream the entire album on NPR's website now

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