Thursday, January 13, 2011

Joshua Kelting (Expire) Interview

Hey dude, how has it been going?
Going well, just weathering the snow here in Milwaukee.

Can you introduce yourselves just a bit for our readers?
My name's Josh Kelting and I sing for Expire.

Could you give us a little description on Expire?
Expire is a hardcore band drawing influences mostly from NYHC bands but with a lot of other stuff thrown in. It's got a groove that you can definitely bang your head to.

Before Expire you were the front man for the band Barriers Now Bridges, how would you describe your time with that band?
That band was a coming of age thing for me. I learned a lot about about what it meant to play hardcore music and to be a part of something so unique. I also discovered the joys of touring with that band. It's nice to find little remnants all over the US from tours we did and to still have some of the friends I made back then.

How long after your move to the Midwest did you decided you wanted to start another band?
I always wanted to start another band, the opportunity just never arose. It was a little over 2 years since BNB when I came to Milwaukee. About 6 months after that I tried out for Expire.

When you started the band did you start it with the intention of becoming a Trend god?
I didn't start the band, I joined after the all the music for the demo was written. They had no idea that the world was about to follow in our footsteps.

Does it make you happy to wake up every morning knowing you are at the forefront of the “Trendy” Hardcore scene?
I guess it depends on who I'm waking up to? If you catch my drift..

Besides signing a Nike deal, what are your plans for 2011 with the band?
We've got a lot of shoes to break in, but after that we're still planning on being the busy touring band we've always been. We've got plans for Canada, and the full US in the works right now, and maybe even Europe down the road. This summer we're planning on writing a full length, so look for that later on in the year.

Are there any more Hatebreed covers in the works?
The idea is ALWAYS there.

Did Ben & Jerry’s come to you about creating a new flavor for an undisclosed lump of money or was that your idea?
It was ours. We pitched them Navy Blue or Blackberry and they just couldn't say no.

What are some bands from your area people should stop sleeping on?
FocusedxMinds, Agress, Former Thieves, Rattletooth, Everything Went Black, Ritual Form, Bent Life and Life Won't Wait.

Also check out Weight Of The World, a couple of the dudes from BNB's latest project.

Any 2011 releases you’re looking forward to?
New Mother Of Mercy, FocusedxMinds, Harm's Way, Soul Search and Foundation for sure. Anything 6131 puts out on that vinyl subscription will be tight.

And finally, do you have any other comments/shout outs?
I feel like we should be best friends? Do you feel that? That chemistry we have? I don't know.

Shout outs to Mike over at Hellfish, Joey at 6131, Dave and Nicole at SFU and our RSN Dom.

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