Friday, January 7, 2011

Interview with Drew & Brian (FocusedxMinds)

WOE: First off, introduce yourselves:
Drew, I play guitar. Riff wizard.
Brian. I play bass. Party.

WOE: Can you give us a brief description of FxM?
Drew: Straight Edge. No, but seriously, we formed in August. Each of us had wanted to do a straight edge band for as long as we can remember. Our vocalist John and I got some ideas together, basically asked Brian to learn bass, and got our dude Chris to slay the skins. We kicked out some jams and it all felt right, been jammin ever since. Put out our demo ourselves, tryin to push it as far as we can go now.

WOE: Brian, I’ve heard that you are really 15 years old. Can you shed some light on this rumor?
Brian : i mean i definetly look 15 eventhough im the oldest in the band. Its all good though, the ladies dig my boy-ish figure and face..only part is when i try to see rated R movies, i have to have my ID handy.

WOE: Now that the rumor has been taken care of, can you guys tell us about butt stuff?
Drew: Quite simply, BUTT STUFF is the joy, fascination, and love of all things BUTT. It is pretty much the best.
Brian: Its like a warm summer breeze off the coast of the bahamas, when a lady friend finally gives you the permission, its GAME ON.

WOE: Tell us about the Straight Edge Karaoke and Bowling League?
Drew: Hahahaha, well FxM quite enjoy a night out on the town performing karaoke at this wild, stupid bar. Only the best songs are picked from artists like Boyz II Men, Nightranger, and -
Drew: Oh, and bowling...we started getting all the edge kids that want to come, to go bowling after our practices on Wednesdays. It's awesome, so much fun. FRAME BY FRAME, PIN BY PIN. STRIKE OUTS, NOT SELL OUTS.

WOE: You guys just signed to 6131, does that signing and butt stuff have anything in common?
Drew: Absolutely. I would definitely compare us receiving the news of 6131 wanting to work with us feeling a lot like getting the OK on butt stuff. It was the best, beyond excited to be working with Joey and that label. Best dude, hard working label, sick bands. It all rules.
Brian: Getting signed to 6131 was a HOLE lot better than butt stuff, seeing as some of our favorite bands are on that label, it just feels more of a privilege than anything to be working with Joey and the other dudes. 

WOE: What are your plans for your 6131 debut and 2011 year (touring wise)
BOTH: We have six songs we are recording in early February for our 6131 debut 7" "STAY FOCUSED". So stoked to get them done, three old jams, three new ones. we're really proud of.
As far as touring, we're doing as many local weekends as possible. We have a week at the end of March we are currently booking, looking to fly out and do a 4 day SoCal weekend in April, and by summer....well tour as much as possible, and definitely looking to hit the west coast again in July.

WOE: Are there any big shows and/or fests you guys are planning on playing?
BOTH: We can't say a whole lot, but Cali best lookout in July haha. Otherwise, we will play anything, anytime, and hopin for some more big news in the future.

WOE: Will this be the first time you guys enter the state of California?
Brian: As a band yes it will be our first time out there and hopefully not the last. Myself and Drew have been to Sound and Fury before, back in 07 and then recently in 2010. California seems like a really awesome place to be for hardcore, we're just ready to show what the "no coast" can do. 

WOE: Any chance of some butt stuff in the West Coast?

WOE: What are some releases you guys are looking forward to for the coming year?
Drew: Expire's new joint, Doubledealer's 6131 debut, anything Warhound or Big Mouth does, and that Rotting Out LP...ooh wee. And a wild amount of black metal stuff no one cares about.  Watchout for stuff in the Midwest coming many great bands kickin out jams on the No-Coast, listen and learn.

Brian: Definetly looking forward to Title Fight's new joint, band cant do no wrong. Expire's new tracks will be good, josh is into butt stuff, so anything they do is backed %100. Joyce Manor's album is amazing, ill give them a shout out while i have the time. Last but not least Paul Wall is hittin the streets hard with a new joint as well as Lupe Fiasco.

WOE: Any releases coming out you guys are not looking forward to hearing?
Drew: I will listen to anything thrown at me, not too many bands I hate on.
Brian: Music is music to me, i will listen to anything, just ask anyone whos been in a car with me...Attack Attack! is usually playing.


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