Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dave Bland (Full Of Hell) Interview

Interview done by: Geoff

WOE: Howdy buddy. Introduce yourself and what you do for the band you're in

Dave: I’m Dave. I play drums in Full of Hell.

WOE: Okay. Set the record straight... Exactly HOW OLD ARE YOU? I've heard 11, 13, 15... all sorts of shit. Hit us with the truth.

Dave: Haha ok. I'm 17. I did the first tour with the band as a fill in when I was 15. From then on I just taught everyone the songs. I joined officially in the summer to do the full U.S. tour.

WOE: So you started playing in the band when you were 15? How do you think the band has developed/changed since then?

Dave: I think the band has developed so much since then. After doing six U.S. tours and releasing the 7-inch through GTR Records. Now we are releasing the split with Goldust and touring Europe. A lot has happened since that first East coast tour.

WOE: Musically I remember the band having the whole Crowbar/Entombed sound during the first EP. Did the addition of Dylan to the band drive the more "chaotic" sound you have now? Or is it something you saw happening anyway?

Dave: Yes the first EP was very crowbar and entombed sound. We even used to cover crowbar. Even a little before Dustin quit the sound was becoming more chaotic and grindy. But with the addition of Dylan he added that one more step to making it a lot more chaotic (Especially with his voice). So yes Dylan did bring the more chaotic sound to the band.

WOE: Geographically, the band is spread out between 2 states. It's hard to believe that it doesn't stop you from writing/touring/ being an all-around prolific band. How do you guys make it work?

Dave: Me and the guitarist Spencer live ten minutes away from each other. We practice at least three times a week. We demo songs and send them to Dylan and Skylar. Dylan and skylar come down every two weeks to a month and we practice for a few days. So we all make it work.

WOE: Tell me about... BJ Chicken Fucker

Dave: Ok this is not my era of being "around". But when Spencer was in 7th grade this kid BJ went around bragging about breaking the necks off of chickens and fucking them. So he got the name BJ Chickenfucker.

WOE: Okay. You said earlier the band has done 6 tours, so I'm going to hit you with some questions about the road. Favorite state/city? Favorite band you've played with that you probably wouldn't have known about otherwise? What do you do to kill time in the van?
Also any stories worth mentioning?

Dave: I would have to say that Chattanooga Tennessee and Wheeling West Virginia are the best to play. The people are so loyal and come to give us the best reactions there. I think my favorite band that we have played with would be ancient shores. They are an awesome band and are great guys. To kill time in the van we usually read and listen to music. We are kind of boring but I sometimes yell at the occasional person out the window as well. The best story has to be when we played the Halloween show in Wheeling, WV. People flipped out. They were smashing pumpkins over peoples head and destroying the place. Eventually a fight broke out between an older male and some of the kids that were there. It got taken outside. The older man was sitting at the bottom of the hill wanting to fight. But the other kids told him to leave. He kept instigating the kids and they pulled out a 2x4 and threatened him to come fight him. He saw the 2x4, popped his trunk, and pulled a crossbow on everyone. Almost as soon as he did this, the cops showed up and arrested the older male. The place was completely destroyed. All in all a ridiculous night.

WOE: Last string of questions. You're heading to Europe soon. I know you're counting down the days. What is the countdown at? Did you ever expect to be in a band that would be touring Europe? Which show/country are you most excited for?

Dave: The countdown is at 24 days and then we fly out. It never crossed my mind that I would be in a band that would tour Europe. When things started happening for us, I knew that it could be possible. I'm very excited for all of the shows and places. I am most excited for Dead Fest in Stockholm Sweden and in Germany with Goldust.

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