Friday, December 23, 2011

Top Albums Of 2011: Dylan Walker (Full Of Hell)

In no particular order:
1. Disma: Towards the Megalith
2. Pianos Become the Teeth: The Lack Long After
3. Pulling Teeth: Funerary
4. Wolves in the Throne Room: Celestial Lineage
5. Seraphim: A Light In the Distance
6. Masakari/Alpinist: Split LP
7. Circle Takes the Square: Rites of Initiation
8. Cold Cave: Cherish the Light Years
9. Bastard Noise: Skulldozer
10. Weekend Nachos: Worthless

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Top 10 Albums of 2011: Joe Yanick (Masakari)


1.) Hungry Lungs- S/T
2.) Smash Detox- S/T
3.) Dead in the Dirt- Fear
4.) Hoax- S/T
5.) Grin and Bear It- S/T
6.) Iron Chic/Pacer Split
7.) Brutal Supremecy
8.) Code Orange Kids- Cycles
9.) Hounds of Hate- No Redemption
10.) Abraxis/ Pale Creation Split

12" or 10"

1.) Ghost- Opus Eponymous
2.) Heartless- Hell Is Other People
3.) Midnight Satanic Royalty
4.) Alpinist/Masakari Split (ONLY ON THE LIST FOR THE ALPINIST SIDE!)
5.) Brain Killer- Every Actual State is Corrupt
6.) Protestant- Stalemate
7.) Scapegoat- S/T
8.) Oathbreaker- Maelstrom
9.) Weekend Nachos- Worthless
10.) Trap Them- Darker Handcraft

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hungry Lungs- S/T 7"

13 pounding hits and then the chaos ensues. Koerperjuenger is the perfect song to kick off a flawless 7". When Cory (Halo of Flies) released that he was co-releasing this 7" I was ecstatic because prior to this 7" all their releases have been European only, or at least as far as I can tell. What I had heard prior to this 7" impressed me but the 7" is something else. 3 tracks of brutal and raging german crust in the vein of His Hero Is Gone, Perth Express and Alpinist, this release will kick you in the ass, and leave you no time to recover. What I like best about the release is how dynamic the writing is. You can just tell each song was meticulously written, every transition, every riff, every finish perfected. This is the 7" that you will immediately spin the second the feedback of Philister fades. The first sitting with it I had it on repeat, about 10 plays before I felt satisfied. I don't know what is in the water in Germany, but I can't think of any other country that produces as many quality bands. What all German hardcore bands seem to have in common, and Hungry Lungs is no different, is outstanding drumming. The absolute intensity of the hits can be heard even through the recording. In honor of keeping it short, something this record does brilliantly, I will end it by saying that this is by far the best 7" to come out this year.

For fans of Alpinist, Perth Express, His Hero is Gone, Glasses and Gun Mob. Do Not Sleep On This Record.

Buy It Here
Listen HereHere

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top Albums Of 2011: Max Davis (Doubledealer)

Max Davis of Doubledealer was kind enough to send over his favorite albums of the year. Check out his list, and make sure to check out what you might have slept on.

1. Take Offense - Tables Will Turn
2. Harms Way - Isolation
3. Cold Cave - Cherish the Light Years
4. Full of Hell - The Roots of Earth are Consuming My Home
5. Pulling Teeth - Funerary
6. Childish Gambino - Camp
7. Mammoth Grinder/Hatred Surge Split
8. Twitching Tongues - Sleep Therapy
9. Absu - Abzu
10. Young and In the Way - I Am Not What I Am

Honorable Mentions:
Ford & Lopatin - Channel Pressure
Boris - Attention Please
Soul Swallower - Devoured
Wolves in the Throneroom - Celestial Lineage

Monday, December 19, 2011

Top Albums Of 2011: Dom Romeo (A389 Records/Pulling Teeth)

Dom Romeo was kind enough to send over his favorite releases of the year. Check it out.

2. SERAPHIM The Light In The Distance
3. INTEGRITY Detonate VVorld Plague
4. WITCH-LORD Atomized In The Black Solarian
6. LOW PLACES Spiritual Treatment
7. FULL OF HELL Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home
8. ANNE Dream Punx
9. ENFORCERS End Of Time

HOMEWRECKER (A389) Announces New Release And US Tour

Ohio’s HOMEWRECKER has recently completed recording sessions for their upcoming 12″ titled ‘Worms & Dirt‘, scheduled to be released in early 2012 via A389 Recordings.

Recorded by Bill Korecky at the infamous MARS compound (Integrity, Ringworm, In Cold Blood), 'Worms & Dirt' delivers nine tracks of the band's darkest and most savage material to date.

The band has posted an unmastered track 'Chained Hanging Victim' (featuring guest vocals by Dylan Walker/Full Of Hell) as a preview of what to expect when 'Worms & Dirt' is released next year.

HOMEWRECKER will also embarking on a series of dates leading up to the A389 VIII Anniversary Bash, in Baltimore this January. Be sure to catch them in your town!!!

01/06 Ashtabula, OH @ West End Art Space
01/07 Indianapolis, IN @ Hoosier Dome
01/08 Memphis, TN @ House Show
01/09 Houston, TX @ Vinyl Junkie
01/10 San Antonio, TX @ The Warehouse
01/11 Corpus Christi, TX @ Venue TBA
01/12 Fort Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill
01/13 Conway, AZ @ The Soundstage
01/14 Nashville, TN @ Little Hamilton Collective 1318
01/15 Parkersburg, WV @ Community Building
01/16 Cleveland, OH @ Now That\'s Class *w/Weekend Nachos
01/17 Buffalo, NY @ The Funeral Home *w/Weekend Nachos
01/18 Haverhill, MA @ Anchors Up *w/Weekend Nachos
01/19 NYC, NY @ ABC No Rio *w/Weekend Nachos
01/20 Philadephia, PA @ The Little Bar *w/ Weekend Nachos
01/22 Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto Project

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Top Albums Of 2011: Chris Williams (Champion/Dead Weight)

Chris Williams was kind enough to send over his favorite releases of the year. Check it out.
1. Rotting Out - Street Prowl
I've always thought Rotting Out was a decent band, but not outstanding. That was until Walter moved to vocals. Dude's voice is great, and he writes awesome lyrics. "Iron Jawed Angel" is my favorite. Such a heavy personal song. I really appreciate when vocalists step outside their comfort zone and dig deep for lyrics. I wish I felt like more bands dug this deep and put something this real into their lyrics. Musically this record rips too. Definitely has a southern California sound. When it seems like everyone in the world is writing mosh music this band is writing skate music. Love it.

2. Vacant State - LP
This record is so close to the Rotting Out LP for best of the year. If this band was from Boston or L.A. instead of Vancouver B.C. they would be the biggest thing on earth right now. This LP has a Negative FX/Negative Approach vibe and rips from start to finish. Total skinhead hardcore. If you haven't heard this band yet, change that ASAP.

3. Trapped Under Ice - Big Kiss Goodnight
This band does hard and heavy yet melodic like few bands are capable of. "You and I" is my favorite, but everything on this record is solid.

4. Ill Intent - demos for the upcoming 7"
Like Rotting Out, Ill Intent was a decent band before changing singers. Jake moved from guitar to vocals and wow, this band is so brutal now. Their previous singer Matt, had a cool voice for his old band Stop at Nothing, but this band is a huge gnarly band and they need a huge gnarly singer. In steps Jake, who is also just romps all over the stage live. This band is destined for big things. Super hard working kids and fun.

5. Praise - 2 songs 7"
Andy is one of my best friends so I would have to like this band even if they were horrible, but damn, they are far from horrible! He told me that some of these songs were originally written for Champion, but unfortunately we broke up before we could use any of these gems. Champion's loss was Baltimore's gain. Musically these could be Champion songs, but Andy's voice gives a really cool different feel to them, and his lyrics are top notch; Definitely in the Rotting Out class of digging deep.

6. Wreck - Reap What You Sow 7"
This band has been playing around for a year or two now and they impressed me early on. These kids know how to play their instruments. This 7" has solidified them as kings of NWHC. Their shows are fun and rowdy and they are super tight live. The 7" at times reminds me of Undertow and has some BURN style riffage here and there. I'm really curious to see where these dudes take this band because I think they can do some cool things.

7. Outlook - s/t 7"
Adrianna is possibly the best front(wo)man in the NW. This band is Olympia at it's finest. Fast and pissed and socio-political. I don't even know what to compare them too.. at times i hear Antidote, at times DYS, at times Side by Side. Just good fast hardcore.

8. Seaweed - Service Deck/The Weight 7"
These aren't the best two Seaweed songs and they aren't the worst, but they are two NEW Seaweed songs! The packaging is really cool too. Especially with the green vinyl.

9. DNA - Demo
Best demo of 2011. Cam gave me this thing early this year when Cruel Hand was in town and i never listened to it. He gave me another copy the next time they came through and I finally checked it out. Wow, I'm glad I did! This demo is a rager and hasn't left my 5 disc changer since! I'm sure they were going for a Bad Brains vibe, which it definitely does sounds like, but I hear alot of the Accused in there.

10. Take Offense - Tables Will Turn
This might be the most hyped record of the year, but for good reason. It's a shredder. They do that crossover better than any band I've heard in years. And when they solo they aren't just string mashing, they are shredding. Only thing I don't really like is the singing parts, but even those are kind of cool.

*honorable mention: Title Fight - Shed: this was originally on my top 10, but I had to add the DNA demo. I'm really stoked on this record and really happy for what these kids are doing. They are genuinely some of the nicest kids I've met in my life and if they become huge international pop-stars they deserve every second of it. I still want to see Disengage sometime though!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Top Albums Of 2011: Chris Moore (Magrudergrind/Coke Bust)

Chris Moore of Magrudergrind and Coke Bust was kind enough to send over his top 10 releases of 2011. Make sure to check out what you might have been sleeping on.
1. Tenement - Napalm Dream
2. Criaturas - AraƱas en el Crazon
3. Confines - Withdrawn
4. Zola Jesus - Conatus
5. Lemuria - Pebble
6. Ilsa - Tutti II Colori Del Buio
7. Bastard Noise - Skulldozer
8. Low Threat Profile - Product #2
9. Big Eyes - Hard Life
10. Hounds of Hate - No Redemption

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Baltimore's PULLING TEETH have officially announced that their appearance at the upcoming A389 Anniversary Bash will be the band's final performance.

Formed in 2005, PULLING TEETH's prolific career saw several releases and collaborations, followed by countless shows throughout the world.

The band's statement on the matter was brief: 'As a band we have accomplished everything that we have set out to do. Life is short. It's time to move on and do other things.'

Other things may or may not include affiliated sideprojects such as Hatewaves, Kill Life, Old Lines, Invititational, Pala, Virgin Witch and a rumored member merge with Tupelo, Mississippi's Seraphim. There are also the record labels A389, Firestarter and Toxic Pop Records, which are all operated by PT members.

Last but not least, the Charm City Art Space. A D.I.Y. venue in Baltimore, MD founded and operated in part, by PT personnel.

Life does indeed go on.

PULLING TEETH's final performance will be on January 21, 2012 at The Sonar Compound (Baltimore, MD) as part of the A389 VIII Anniversary Bash.

Also performing will be:
Eyehategod, Integrity, Gehenna, Starkweather, Weekend Nachos, Seven Sisters of Sleep, Pick Your Side (Ex-Haymaker/Fuck The Facts), Junior Bruce (Ex-Bloodlet), Full Of Hell, Low Places, Young And In The Way, Homewrecker, Hatewaves, Triac & Eddie Brock.

Tickets and information can be found at:

REVIEW: Anne "Dream Punx" LP

Finally had a chance this week to sit down and really digest this album top to bottom. Its a rarity these days that you receive an album to review that has been under much exposure and prove it's self worthy.

Anne comes from the level-planed, cheaply rented city of Portland (home of the other White meat). There is no doubt in my mind that the gentlemen that consist of this outfit know their roots in this particular niche of music. "Dreamy" is the name of the game and they have delivered a firm hand. Ambient in all the right places, yet retaining a "Dark Wave" feel throughout the whole album. Bands that come to mind while listening are early Slowdive and LSD And The Search For God and The Softkill (which is another awesome band from Portland to check out!). It may not sound similar to those mentioned but I do sense the same objectiveness from Anne. One of the more noticeable tracks on this album for me is "Virginal Plight", It keeps a more up-tempo swing and steady rhythm unlike their more driven down, "gothier" tracks. Anne definitely has the chops to deal both sounds but I feel the more steady-driven tracks are their strengths on this album. Overall this is a well-balanced full length. Dark Wave, Goth, Shoegaze, it's an "all spice" of an album.

This album was released via A389 Recordings. Which is a bold step for this label seeing they predominantly roster up Hardcore/Metal groups. I hope to see more of this out of A389, Dom seems to have a good ear for this sound.

In short, dope.


Friday, December 9, 2011


Antisect (England)
the Mob (England)
Nasum (Sweden)
Best Coast
Tear it Up
Varukers (England)
Iceage (Denmark)
Forward (Japan)
the Abused
Warrior Kids (France)
Black Witchery
Heratys (Sweden)
Zyanose (Japan)
Double Negative
Toxic Holocaust
the Ropes
Whitehorse (Australia)
Gas Chamber
Magic Circle
Hank Wood and the Hammerheads

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review: Children of God/Seven Sisters of Sleep Split

There are a few labels that no matter what, you know will release countless impressive records. Of these labels, one of the front-runners is A389. Currently housing some of my favorite bands and friends including Full of Hell and Homewrecker, A389 has established a place among the leading American labels in hardcore and punk, rivaled by few. When Wayne contacted me about reviewing this record I was extremely excited because the Children of God 7” Coup De Grace was one of my favorite 7” releases in recent years.

The first time I heard Children of God was on tour. Randomly their 7” was played and I knew immediately that this was a band I wanted to know more about. So I got their 7” and I have to say that it heavily impressed me, I couldn’t believe that it took so long for me to know about them. The rawness and speed of Infest, the heaviness of Cursed all packed with some of the most intense vocal tracks I have ever heard. Fans of the debut 7” I don’t think will be disappointed with Children’s side of the split. Tonally the record’s tracks sound very similar to the 7”. The drums still have that distinctive distortion to their cymbals that make the record sound as if it is trying to tear itself apart. The guitars and bass create an atmosphere of utter chaos, perfectly blending high tones and low tones. And most importantly the vocals have not lost a single bit of the raw energy that was contained within the first 7”. What I like most about the way in which Children of God record is how much the music feels like it is being presented live. Today music often feels stale due to overly produced, overly compressed recording. Children of God deliver 3 tracks that make you feel like you are standing in the room with them blasting their amps at 10.

As I mentioned, this 7” for the most part is not a huge departure from the first 7” in many regards; however, Children of God have really evolved in regards to writing. Where the 7” short, brutal and to the point, the split show Children of God stepping out of the confines of Fast Hardcore and experimenting with more aspects of Doom/Sludge. Whereas the longest track on the 7” is a minute twenty-two, the shortest track on the split is two minutes and twenty-two seconds. The tracks are filled with a lot more slow and sludgy riffs. The fast elements are not lost they just seemed to be placed within a stream of down-tempo breaks. In the future I would love to see the band work more with balancing short and fast songs so we can have the best of both worlds.

After listening to the SSOS side I have to say that I am definitely bummed that I didn’t get a chance to catch their set at this year's Power of the Riff Fest in LA (But that is a different story). From opening riff of Green Garden of Unrest, which opens up their side of the split, to the final fade out in Almighty Black Talons, SSOS pound your head with absolute bleakness and disparity. I think the best thing about SSOS is their usage of distortion, similar to Children of God, it seems like this record is being played through a distortion pedal, everything peaking in just the right ways. The band, while staying slow for the majority of their songs, know just when to pick up the pace. The tempo never gets too fast but the pace changes happen frequently enough to keep the tracks interesting. As this is the first SSOS record I have heard I am definitely interested in hearing how they will progress as a band, and I will say that I am excited at what they have achieved with this release.

This is a split that should not be slept on, between both bands they have a little something of everything to offer. This record is for fans of raw, loud and violent releases that aren’t afraid to slow things down a bit.

Buy It Here
SSOS: Facebook Here
COG: Blog Here

Monday, December 5, 2011


Formed in 2010, , CYNARAE (pronounced ‘Sin-Ar-uh’) are a supremely brutal metallic hardcore band featuring members of NW mainstays The Helm.

Combining the influences of 90’s Bremen metalcore (Morser/Systral) with their US counterparts (His Hero Is Gone/The Swarm), CYNARAE have been quickly making a name for themselves based on their incredible self-released EP and intense live performance to boot.

A389’s Domenic Romeo’s first encounter with the band was perfect from the start. He explains…’I knew upon first listen that I had to do something with CYNARAE. It was just so brutal and uncompromising. It’s bands like this that keep me excited about releasing new music.’

CYNARAE vocalist Kyle Oels continues….’We really feel like A389 is the ideal label for us. When we were first starting, we talked about record labels that we could see ourselves releasing albums on…We all saw A389 as the best fit. Imagine our surprise when Dom contacted us shortly after posting our EP online and said he was interested in releasing something’.

Having kept things under wraps until now, A389 has finally announced they will be releasing music by CYNARAE in 2012 via a vinyl release of the band’s self titled EP, as well as a split LP with West Virginia powerhouse Ancient Shores. In the meantime, the band has made some music available online for free and are hitting the road later this month (dates posted below).

Stream the CYNARAE track ‘Corrective Action’ here:

Download CYNARAE’s self released EP here:

Watch a CYNARAE live video here:

12/16 Portland, OR @ 7544 N Moor Ave
12/17 Redding, CA @ Sue’s Java
12/18 Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman St
12/19 San Francisco, CA @ Submission Gallery
12/20 Pomona, CA @ Aladdin Jr
12/21 San Bernadino, CA @ Maxwell St * w/The Love Below
12/22 Long Beach, CA @ Venue TBA
12/23 San Diego, CA @ The Stein House
12/26 Reno, NV @ Fort Ryland 2000
12/27 Medford, OR @ Musichead
12/28 Tacoma, WA @ TBA
12/29 Seattle, WA @ The Black Lodge
12/30 Bellingham, WA @ Joey’s House

Thursday, December 1, 2011

THE LIST: Bands slated/rumored to release new material in 2012.

2012 is already shaping up to be another amazing year for Hardcore/Punk, here is a list of what is confirmed/rumored to be coming out in 2012.

We might be missing some, if you know anything else just drop it in the comment section below:
Another Mistake
At Our Heels
Better Times
Birds In Row
Black Breath
Bone Dance
Burning Love
Burn Your Life Down
Code Orange Kids
Cold World
Death Before Dishonor
Fed To The Wolves
Fingers Crossed
Fire And Ice
Full Of Hell
Hang The Bastard
Iron Rain
Lack Of Interest
Losing Skin
Low Places
Low Sky
Make Do And Mend
Napalm Death
Out Of Time
Pick Your Side
Plagues (CA)
Plus Minus
Power Trip
Product Of Waste
Rise And Fall
Rival Mob
Rock Bottom
Rude Awakening
Sheer Terror
Skin Like Iron
Sleepwalkers (CA)
Suburban Scum
Take Offense
The Banner
The Beautiful Ones
The Bonus Army
The Carrier
The Love Below
The Secret
Unholy Majesty
Unrestrained (PDX)
War Hound
Weekend Nachos
Will To Die
Wrong Answer

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review:Heartless-Hell Is Other People


Heartless are a hardcore band from Pittsburgh, PA playing an extremely volatile style of hardcore with some serious crust/sludge overtones. After an excellent self titled 7 inch released last year they return with their full length "Hell Is Other People" and this record is an absolute monster. The 13 songs on this record mostly blaze through an unrelenting hardcore/grind assault, but the band really excels when they slow things down to a crawl, resulting in some of the heaviest and most pit worthy breakdowns heard this year. Southern Lord has been releasing many excellent metallic hardcore releases as of late, and this album is no exception. Fans of dark and heavy hardcore owe it to themselves to check this record out, and you would also do well to check them out on tour currently with the equally excellent Full Of Hell. Highly recommended.

Stream "Hell Is Other People" at CVLT Nation
Purchase "Hell Is Other People" from Southern Lord Records

Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: Enforcers- End Of Time

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Enforcers are another band to add to the list of powerhouses that A389 records have been signing this past year, with a sound reminiscent of later Cro-Mags, Madball, Sick of It All mixed with your favorite thrash bands except Enforcers call Canada their motherland. Their album End of Time packs 6 songs, all of which make me feel like I’m listening to a classic NYHC great while making me bang my head to the riffs that are as stated before much like a mix between later Cro-Mags releases (think Alpha Omgea, Best Wishes) meets Madball’s Set it Off and Demonstrate My Style. “Black Sheep” stands out to me the most with it sounding the most like a song from any of those influences. As a fan of these crossover, thrash hardcore bands, I must say that this is one of the best I’ve heard since Take Offense came out with Tables Will Turn.

Rating: 5/5 (These are some good jams)
Favorite Songs: Black Sheep and All I Am


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Review:Courtships-The Feral Sound or the Whole Art of Courtships


On their self released debut LP, Courtships rage through 9 songs of crushing technical hardcore. It's no easy feat in 2011 to successfully channel the chaotic metal/hardcore style perfected by bands like Botch, Coalesce and Converge in the late 90's, but these songs feel fresh and more then anything contain a frantic urgency and energy that is sorely lacking in many more current bands playing the style. As the band has been so gracious to provide a free download link to share with all of you as well as this review, I highly suggest you check it out yourself, and keep an eye out for a band that surely has good things in store.

Download "The Feral Sound" Here
Courtships on facebookLink

Friday, November 11, 2011

Creatures- Vesuvius LP (Pre-orders launced)

"This is Creatures’ newest LP showcasing some of the band’s darkest, heaviest material to date. Creatures' blend of unrelentless force and raw power produces a barbaric sound unlike any other. Recorded and mixed by Jack Shirley of The Atomic Garden and mastered by Alan Douches of West West Side Music.

Creatures - Vesuvius 12"LP is Twelve Gauge's 30th release and is pressed on 180 gram vinyl available in 3 colors: black (100 qty), clear purple (200), gray with orange haze (200).

Pre-orders are up on the Hellfish Store
Listen to 3 tracks on our Bandcamp

As always, follow @tgrex for the latest from TG.


Convulsions "Nero & Doryphoros" Music Vid Posted!

Convulsions has a new music video up for their track "Neros and Doryphoros" off their split LP with Black Kites. This beautiful yet eerie concept was created by our dear friend Gwenn Clement. Enjoy and share it! And if you like what you hear/see, you can still purchase the record at GKL's online store!




Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review:Ringworm/Mindsnare Split


As the year comes to a close in the coming months there are still quite a few exciting hardcore releases coming down the pike, including this scathing split 7 inch featuring Cleveland hardcore legends Ringworm and Melbourne, Australia's Mindsnare. Ringworm contribute two previously unreleased tracks worth the price of admission alone.Fans of the band will most definitely not be let down by these admittedly short but extremely heavy/vicious tracks featuring some of the best riff's I've heard from the band in quite some time. The real surprise for me concerning this split were the two crushing tracks from Australia's Mindsnare, a band I was previously unfamiliar with but will be extensively checking out after hearing their side of this split. These two songs contain some of the heaviest hardcore I've heard this year, and frankly I felt like kicking myself knowing I had been unaware of their existence for so long. A389 continues their string of excellent releases with one of the best split's I've heard all year. Any fan of heavy metallic hardcore owes it to themselves to check this record out. Also to be noted is the awesome artwork and the fact that it comes with a comic book which is a straight up outstanding addition to anything, let alone a 7 inch.

Stream a song from both bands on the split here
Purchase the split in the a389 Records Webstore

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A389 Recordings set to reissue PALE CREATION 'Twilight Haunt' LP

Eccentric Cleveland artists PALE CREATION will be re-releasing their classic, long out of print 'Twilight Haunt' album for the first time on vinyl via A389 Recordings.

Originally released in 2000 as a CD on East Coast Empire Records, 'Twilight Haunt' is heralded by fans and peers, as an underrated classic of the metallic hardcore genre, extending it's influence far and wide. When asked about thee group, Integrity frontman Dwid Hellion put it simply: 'I accept their gift of art'.

Over the years, Pale Creation kept busy with various EPs including their 2009 comeback EP 'Wake Of Temptation', which garnered favorable reviews among the press and fans. The group is currently in preperation for it's first new full length album since the original release of 'Twilight Haunt'.

PALE CREATION's Twilight Haunt will be released November 28th as a limited edition LP with never before seen lyrics and photos. The album will also be available digitally through the retailer of your choice.

Monday, October 24, 2011


A389 Recordings have announced they will be releasing the debut LP by Portland Oregon's, shoegaze outfit ANNE. Titled 'Dream Punx', the LP will consist of nine tracks of material pulled from the band's self released mixtapes as well as new/unreleased studio recordings.

ANNE has also completed a video for their first single 'Virginal Plight' which will be making it's debut on the AOL Music site this upcoming Thursday, October 26th, 2011. The band will then embark on a West Coast tour a week later (dates below).

A radical departure from the dark/heavy hardcore bands that predominantly make up the A389 Roster, label head Domenic Romeo was unsure of how A389's audience would take to the band. He explains... "I fell in love with ANNE's songs from the first listen, and wanted to help them get their music out there... I just wasn't really sure how".  The waters were tested by including the track 'Get It How You Live' on the annual "A389 Digital Mixtape" compilation (alongside label heavyweights Integrity, Gehenna and Pulling Teeth).

"The general reaction spoke for itself." continues Romeo, "Almost every listener, including the other bands on the compilation, hit me up asking to hear more from this Anne band".

Well the wait is over and the wheels are in motion.  'Dream Punx' is set to officially be released on vinyl via A389 Recordings on November 28th.  The album will also be available digitally through the retailer of your choice.  Catch them on tour and you MIGHT get your hands on an early bird copy of the LP.  No promises.

11/03 Santa Cruz, CA @ 105 Pioneer
11/04 San Diego, CA @ Tin Can Ale House
11/05 San Bernardino, CA @ Maxwell St
11/06 Oakland, CA (House Show)
11/07 San Francisco, CA @ Bottom Of The Hill
11/12 Seattle, WA @ Fusion Cafe
11/15 Portland, OR @ Rotture

Monday, October 17, 2011


23 San Jose CA @ The Beat Shop
24 San Francisco CA @ Submission Art Gallery
25 Portland OR @ TBA
26 Seattle WA @ West Seattle Legion Hall
27 Tacoma WA @ The Red Room
28 Boise ID @ The Shredder
29 Reno NV @ The Holland Project
30 Sacramento CA @ Digitalis
1 Fresno CA @ CYC
2 San Diego CA @ Che Cafe
3 Las Vegas NV @ Porks House
4 Tempe AZ @ The Fixx Coffee Shop

Review: Black Kites/ Convulsions- Split LP

The first experience I had with Black Kites was seeing them live in a tiny basement, with a ceiling barely taller than the shortest person in the room. I had never even heard of them prior but I immediately fell in love with their unique blend of Hardcore and Screamo. They blazed through their set not missing a note, and despite there only being one guitar, Black Kites is heavier and fuller than most bands out there. Instantly after starting up the split I found myself completely satisfied with the results. Black Kites open up with Sleep Easy, a song that truly shows their range as a band. From chaotic and noisy to completely structured and heavy, Sleep Easy has just about something for everyone. Black Kites continue to relentlessly beat through their 6 songs, coming in at just shy of 9.5 minutes.

With the same amount of songs Convulsions track in about twice the time as Black Kites. Listening to this split is my first exposure to them and I have to admit that the opening track Gasoline threw me off a bit. Gasoline is filled by discordant guitar working, overlaid with off key mellow and clean vocals, creating an awkward atmosphere. Convulsions seem to lay the trap though, and I surely fell for it, because within the first moments of the second track Decompression Sickness they change their tune. The music changes from low key/laid back to upfront and brutal. Convulsions mix a lot of sludgy elements with many aspects of modern powerviolence. Driving guitars and vocals really bring out the intensity of their side. What I find so impressive about their side, is their numerous changes in tempo and vocal styling.

The bottom line is this split is not to be overlooked. Both bands showcase their ability to mesh many styles of music into one coherent sound. This split isn’t excessive in any way; it is short and to the point.

Edit: I was unaware until now that the first track by Convulsions was a cover. I am not going to change the review because I think they really made the song in a lot of ways their own, but just so you know I felt the need to correct my earlier ignorance to this fact.

Black Kites Bandcamp: Here
Convulsions Facebook: Here

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Former Rot In Hell vocalist Nathan Bean introduced the world to Unholy Majesty via a demo cassette released on his Hemlock Thirteen record label. Featuring members of UK bands such as Cold Snap, Age of Kali and Santa Karla, UM deliver three tracks of holy terror inspired metallic hardcore on their debut outing that perfectly combines the best elements of Integrity, In Cold Blood, Ringworm and Rot In Hell.

With the super limited H13 pressing of the UNHOLY MAJESTY demo cassette selling out so quickly, A389 have taken the reigns, and will be giving the songs a proper vinyl release during the upcoming winter months.

Check out the UNHOLY MAJESTY track 'The Owl And The Serpent' streaming in the A839 media player

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Review:Code Orange Kids-Cycles 7 Inch


After an excellent demo and the digital/limited tape release "Erase Me//Embrace Me", Code Orange Kids quickly became a band to watch for myself and many others in the hardcore scene. Their debut 7 inch "Cycles" not only meets but exceeds expectations with some of the most intense and emotionally draining hardcore I have heard in some time. Falling musically between the frantic pace of Trash Talk and the sludgey crust of bands like His Hero Is Gone, these 5 songs are immaculately crafted and seamlessly move from one track to the next, meant to be taken at once as a one wholly intense piece of music. The first 4 tracks blaze by with faster passages leading into crushingly heavy breakdowns that would hardly sound out of place in a doom metal song. The 5th and last song on this record is an entirely different beast in itself, with a ridiculously heavy and slow passage leading into an emotional buildup of vocals and guitar that could channel early 90's screamo, eventually leaving nothing but vocals until it breaks out into one of the heaviest and most intense moments on a record that isn't short on either. Fans of heavy metallic hardcore should look no further then the links below to both stream and purchase this outstanding 7 inch release. After listening to this record nonstop most of the day I am confident it will end being one of my favorites released this year, and I am beyond eager for their upcoming US tour, not to mention whatever they plan to release next. Most definitely a band to keep your eye on.

Stream the entire EP at Toxicbreeds Funhouse
Purchase "Cycles" from Mayfly Records

Review: Colisem - Parasites EP

OVERVIEW: The EP really has a very slow start to it. The first three opening tracks are very trotting and the EP failed to really catch my attention until the fourth track. This is definitely where the EP makes a turn-around for me. The middle songs are all very catchy, very punchy and all have a great feel to them. The sounds and vibes here get fairly diverse. A few tracks have a cool, grungy vibe to them, which is definitely something I can dig. But, unfortunately, just as the EP seemed to be building up to something break-through, it just flopped over again and disappointed me. I was really expecting the momentum from the middle of the EP to carry over to the later songs, but they just feel rehashed and bland. The opening and ending of the album feels like I’ve heard it all a thousand times before. All in all, it’s not a bad release, but it is still fairly lacking. Worth a spin, but don’t get your hopes up.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Review: Great Reversals "To The Ends Of The Earth" Demo

So in running a small indie label I tend to get some press kits in the mail from time to time, and the majority of them are not what I am looking for as far as releasing music goes. Or maybe I do but the plans for the upcoming year permit me to venture on new projects. But in that doesn't necessarily mean that these demos are deemed "un-worthy". And I figured instead of listening to them and storing them away in my "Demos" box, I will share the info on these new and upcoming groups!

Great Reversals is a band from Michigan. In this well packaged demo CD they deliver four tracks of well structured melodic hardcore. Powerful and yet passionate delivery from the vocal section. Which reminds me of early Bane. The actual music department excels with much more ingenuity of later Have Heart and other in that realm. The lyrics display very sensitive, real life subjects such as raising a child with Autism. Which is something I can't even imagine dealing with. Judging by the quality of the recording this seems to be their most recent material. The band its self has been around for roughly two years and have been playing shows consistently. So far they have released an initial demo and self released a split 7" EP with They Come In Waves. This demo however is one of the better ones I have received all year. Aesthetically the packaging is awesome. Its a zine-style setup with a die-cut window on the cover where it displays the band's name over a reflective backdrop (as you can see in the picture). Overall this demo is a very promising one, and if I had the budget I probably would pick this band up. Check out Great Reversals, and recognize genuineness.

Great Reversals site:
Great Reversals Bandcamp:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Southern California's SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP have completed three new releases to follow up their self titled LP which was released on A389/Southern Lord Records.
The first release will be available this halloween via A389 Recordings as a split 12" with California's extremely vicious CHILDREN OF GOD. This split 12" will feature three brand new tracks from both bands released as a one-time limited edition pressing of 1000 copies on black vinyl.
Both bands will be playing a record release show on 11/05/2011 @ Aladdin Jr in Pomona, CA alongside Gehenna, Nails, Creatures and The Mistake.
The band will then head over to the east coast to make a brief appearance in NY before heading over to the A389 8th Anniversary Bash to play alongside Eyehategod, Integrity, Starkweather, Gehenna, Junior Bruce (Ex-Bloodlet) Pulling Teeth, Weekend Nachos and more.

This will be followed up by a second new release on A389 in early 2012: a deluxe Gatefold 7"/CD titled 'Devil's Rain'. This release will feature three new songs in addition to a CD containing bonus tracks and new videos.

Finally, a third limited edition 7" release on the elusive boutique label Vedavu Records (Gehenna, Devil, Tafkata) containing yet another new song and a few other surprises.

Don't miss SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP playing a handful of shows into the new year.
11/05/2011 Pomona, CA @ Aladdin Jr
11/19/2011 Costa Mesa, CA @ The Detroit Bar
01/20/2012 Brooklyn, NY @ The Acheron
01/21/2012 Baltimore, MD @ SONAR (A389 VIII Anniversary Bash)

Friday, October 7, 2011

ZINES: Sophisticated Leisure #1 - September 2011

Alex was kind enough to send down a copy of his zine for me to post a preview on the web and to show everyone.

Overview of what to expect:
Random photographs taken in his daily life
Rainfest 2011 Summary
Crazy Spirit/Walls/Criminal Code show review
Emerald City Comic-con
Pin Kitty (And Friends) comic
My Life To Live (Reviews, Poetry and More!)
He is currently giving away copies for NO cost, so if you want one hit him up on Facebook (linked above) and he'll send one out. I'm not sure if he has donations set up, but if he does throw a dollar or two his way if you're feeling friendly. He currently has 6 copies of the zine left in Color/Part B&W, and once those are gone he will be doing a second run in B&W only.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review: Disapproval- Demo & Split with Losin' It

Disapproval is an up and coming new hardcore band from Southern California, playing a style much in vein of Think I Care and Meltdown yet can also have some similarities with Backtrack and other bands of the sort. While I am writing this review some what biased since Jesse and I go back to his days in Bottomfeeder and I’ve also been a fan of Offtrack, I will say that Disapproval combines what I liked about both bands and ups it even more. The band really captures the Think I Care sound on their newest songs from the split on Dimlight Records with Florida’s Losin’ It (who play youth crew hardcore in vein of Mental, Jaguarz and other Lockin' Out greats), these 3 originals and a Papsmear cover are my favorite by the group. Lyrics pertaining to hatred for current trends within the hardcore scene are apparent in “Dogtags” and the gang problem within “Mentiras” are common themes that Jesse seems to write about. The bands previous release, a 4 song demo tape out on Ride The Fury records also demonstrates that the band is one to be on the look out for with such bangers as “No Reward” which will have you banging your head and Murdario Stomping to the Disapproval Youth Authority groove. Get into it and maybe you’ll be in the thank you section of the next Disapproval Info. Zine.

get the split with Losin It

get the demo tape

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Review:Full Of Hell-Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home

Not since the likes of Cursed have I heard a hardcore record as volatile and downright evil as Full Of Hell's debut LP on A389 Records. This band rips through 11 tracks of blackened hardcore with elements of drone/sludge thrown in at just the right times. There is a genuine sense of despair in these songs that I've felt has been missing from the ever expanding stable of bands attempting to play this style lately. The ridiculously intense and downright vicious vocals also help to push this album to another level. This is one hell of a debut LP, and another fantastic release from A389 Records who, along with Seraphim and Pulling Teeth, seem bound to release my favorite heavy records this year. An essential listen for anyone into dark and heavy hardcore.

Stream "Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home" at Brooklyn Vegan
Purchase The Record From A389 Records

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review: Triac- Always Meant To hurt You

Aggressively fast would be an understatement to describe “Always Meant To Hurt You” by Triac, which contains four of the most heavy and ear assaulting songs that I have heard in a while, with a vocal range that measure up to J. Bannon of converge fame and also fitting in between Magrudergrind, Hatred Surge and other bands of that sort. Each song brings in something new, yet as a whole within 4 songs Triac have managed to record what insanity and chaos sound like through the blistering drums and the raw guitar tones. Though only being 4 songs, “Always Meant To Hurt You” does not disappoint and has enough going on within the short time to make it feel as though you’ve listened to a full album. Support A389.

Rating: 5/5 (love the drumming on this album and how the vocals were executed)
Favorite song: Grab Everything That Kills (the ending of the song is insane)
Buy It Here:

Review: Hatewaves- The Tombs

“The Tombs” is the latest release from the jokesters that call themselves Hatewaves, continuing in the tradition of their very brief but straight to the point fast paced hardcore, with tongue in cheek yet brutally honest lyrics. This band can do no wrong in my eyes whether writing songs about Facebook or Cops, the music has the listener laughing while raging. While being 7 songs, the runtime is about 3-4 minutes and yet it is one of the most memorable things I’ve heard in a while. Taste the beast, support A389.

Rating: 5/5 (Tight musicianship coming from the masterminds in Pulling Teeth and Triac)
Favorite Song: All of it
Buy It Here:

A389 Recordings announces complete lineup for 8th Anniversary Bash!!!

Year after year fans have travelled to Baltimore MD from all over the world to catch the legendary INTEGRITY make their annual appearance alongside rare/exclusive performances by Haymaker, Rot In Hell, Gehenna, and heavy metal God THOR to name a few.

Taking place once again at the Sonar Compound (in Baltimore, MD) this year's concert will be the first to utilize both the main and clubroom stages while offering a third room as a chill out lounge. Fear not, there will be no overlapping sets, thanks to a tight production team you will be able to catch every band.


Main Stage
EYEHATEGOD (Only area appearance)
INTEGRITY (Only area appearance)
GEHENNA (Only area appearance)
STARKWEATHER (Only Area Appearance)
SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP (Only Area Appearance)
JUNIOR BRUCE (Ex members of Bloodlet, first area appearance)

Side Stage
WEEKEND NACHOS (Only area appearance)
PICK YOUR SIDE (Ex-members of Haymaker/Fuck The Facts, first area apperance)
LOW PLACES (California)
TRIAC (Baltimore)
HATEWAVES (Baltimore)
EDDIE BROCK (Baltimore)

Tickets are available at:

Can't wait? Be sure to check out the streaming preview of all the bands playing and more by visiting

And last but not least be sure to follow A389 for all the latest news updates and surprises

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review:Witch-Lord-Atomized In The Black Solarian


Here we have another project featuring members (or a member moreover) from the infamous Gehenna. But while Penetration Panthers leaned more towards the punk side of the spectrum, Witch-Lord is 4 tracks of raw, crushing stoner/doom metal. I must applaud the band for the effectively raw recording of the record as well as the fact that there is no filler to be found in these songs, something I feel many bands of this genre rely on to an unfortunate degree. It didn't take many listens for these ridiculously heavy riffs to get stuck in my head. The vocals and drums are solid but the simple yet catchy guitarwork is the true star of the show here. Fans of genre standards such as Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey and Sleep should take note as this record will no doubt have you reaching for your bong, provided you can stop headbanging long enough to use it.

Favorite Song:Bones Are Left
Stream "Blood For Kali" on the a389 media player
Purchase from the a389 webstore

Monday, August 22, 2011

Review: Always Try- Demo 2011

Always Try is a new Youth Crew band hailing from Southern California whose sound ranges from early Lockin Out bands to bands like Turning Point, Bold and Youth of Today. Having recently released their demo which is being put on tape by Learn To Trust records, this band has a lot of potential within the 5 songs clocking in under 8 minutes of play time. The lyrics are reminiscent of most youth crew bands but the sound is a bit different since it seems to be a more aggressive approach at the style. If anyone is a fan of FocusedxMinds, Stop & Think and Step Forward then this band will probably be for you. Also it’s been a while since Southern Cali had a Youth Crew band come out from here (Minority Unit aside).

Rating: 4/5 (has a lot of potential, will deffinitely be looking out for the next release)
Favorite Songs: End Today, Undoubtedly
Buy a Tape:

Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: Jungle Juice- Bastard Sessions EP

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I’ve been into Jungle Juice since the release of “Jungle Jamz” and have known the guys in the band for a bit so when they asked me to review their newest work, cleverly titled as the “Bastard Sessions EP”. The new EP shows off the band maturing from a fast paced hardcore sound to now brandishing riff laden songs in vein of Eyehategod, Weed, and Buzzo-ven while keeping much of the angry tendencies that make the band one to look out for. Each song builds off of the last getting heavier and heavier until reaching “Salvation” which is the climax of the EP in my eyes and features a guest spot by CT of Rwake . If you were a fan of the bands previous releases you will definitely be into this but if not, I recommend the “Bastard Sessions Ep” for anyone that’s into what A389 has been putting out lately and mainly for those who are into Left For Dead, and “Martyr Immortal” era Pulling Teeth.

Rating: 4/5
Favorite Songs: Bastard and Salvation
Get It Here:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review:Gehenna-Land Of Sodom 7 Inch

Newly released at A389 Records comes this repress of a 7 inch featuring 4 songs from Gehenna, a metallic hardcore band well known for their vicious live shows. The first 3 songs on this record are total rippers, showing a huge black metal/trash influence, especially in the vocals. I can't say I know what the original recordings sound like but I have to say, it's awesome to hear something with such raw production still sound so loud and clear. The last song slows down to stoner/doom metal pace and the vocals are replaced with heavily distorted voices, bringing the record to an impressive and fitting end.It's also worth noting that the cd version of this contains their previously only available on vinyl "Upon The Gravehill" release as well. While I can't say I was too familiar with this band's music beforehand, I will most definitely be checking out their other releases and watching for more in the future based on this ripper.

Stream a song from the A389 Records Media Player
Purchase "Land Of Sodom II"Link

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review:Penetration Panthers-Perpetual 80's


First of all, this band has one of the more awesome names that I have come across in quite some time. That being said, the music is also extremely rad. Featuring members of Gehenna and Gravehill, Penetration Panthers rip through 3 tracks of raging 80's hardcore that comes off to me sounding like a cross between My War era Black Flag, Black Sabbath and Flipper with a healthy layer of grime thrown in for good measure. They also manage to write some amazingly catchy jams despite the raw production. This is a great introduction to the band and I am extremely excited for the band's upcoming LP. It just goes to show you that sometimes no frills and straight to the point is the best way to go. Anyone looking for a newer band heavily influenced by the days of old should check this out now. Kudos to A389 Records for another awesome release. Perpetual 80's indeed.

Favorite Track:Wasted Mind
Stream a track from "Perpetual 80's" on the A389 media player
Purchase "Perpetual 80's" from the A389 Webstore

Monday, July 18, 2011

HATEWAVES (Pulling Teeth/Triac) return with THE TOMBS EP

Given the incestuous nature of it's extreme music scene, Baltimore, MD is no stranger to supergroups and weird dudes. A supergroup about a weird dude was inevitable. Featuring members of Baltimore noteables Pulling Teeth, Triac and Stout, Hatewaves is the musical extension of local celebrity/tattoo artist/PT drummer Alex 'TheXBeast' Henderson's outlandish views on life and the world we live in. Although not an actual member of the band per se, he serves as the band's muse serving up verbal diatribes which act as direct inspiration for such tracks as 'Poser Politics', 'Death And Air' and the latest track 'No Friends' which poses the question: 'What's the point of having friends? They either move away or die'.

The band released their debut 7" 'Taste The Beast' via A389 Recordings last year to a disturbingly enthusiastic response and played shows sporadically whenever schedules would permit. All of which were over in the blink of an eye.
Having just completed their second EP, 'The Tombs' will be released as a 5" by A389 Recordings in America and overseas via the legendary grindcore label RSR. (If you don't know what it stands for, you're probably better off not knowing). With live appearances few and far between, the band will be joining Pulling Teeth for an exclusive record release performance on this year's This Is Hardcore Festival in Philadelphia, PA TIH promoter Joseph McKay was quoted "It was shocking to find out first hand just how hungry people are for Hatewaves. When we announced them playing This Is Hardcore, we had an amazing rush for tickets. I'm still answering nasty emails from people who couldn't get tickets for Hatewaves. Due to the anticipation of their TIH set, I've brought in a few ex marines to help backup our regular security team. I'm psyched although a little worried for what will come of their set this August.

Hatewaves 'The Tombs' will be available mid August via A389 Recordings and RSR (Europe) as well as digitally via Itunes. Early copies will be available at the band's performance at This Is Hardcore Fest on August 13th, 2011 @ The Starlight Ballroom (Philadelphia, PA) before it is anywhere else.

Listen to the Hatewaves track 'No Friends' from the upcoming EP 'The Tombs' by visiting the streaming

media player at

Taste the beast.

(Photo by Baron Kirkpatrick).